The Indiana Coast

I am super lucky to have parents that love to come and visit me and The Queen. I love seeing my family and spending time with them. As my Sister once said, “we are not just family, we like each other. We are friends.” Truth.

However, my parents, Sister, and I all live very differently. My Daddy spends his free time watching TV, checking the stock market, building things, playing with the dog, and practicing his household chore skills (retirement is teaching him a lot). My mom reads, cooks, and cruises the interwebs. I, on the other hand, don’t have cable television (my Daddy doesn’t understand this concept), I don’t keep a lot of food in the house, and I spend my free time at home reading, writing, and watching random programs on Netflix (a lot of Law & Order). The rest of my time is spent at work or traipsing around the country side.

So, in an effort to avoid hanging out around the house staring at each other, and napping, we loaded up in the tricked-out minivan and headed toward the Indiana coast. Seeing the Indiana coast of Lake Michigan and the Indiana Dunes State Park has been on my short list of adventures for a while now.

We started the day with a drive through Northeast Indiana, including Ligonier, Napanee, and Chesterton. We arrived in Chesterton, Indiana and checked out the weekly European Market. It was lively and full of food, crafts, and friendly dog-loving folks. Next, we headed to the Indiana Dunes State Park. It was beautiful and scorching hot. We walked the dunes and The Queen got her first visit to the beach. She’s not a fan – apparently she only likes still, quiet water.

The Indiana coast is not the Atlantic or Pacific but the inland sea that is Lake Michigan is beautiful and lined with huge sparkly white dunes. The waters of Lake Michigan are clear, warm, and at least three shades of blue. We were all surprised by the quality of the water and beach. We are used to lakes that are full of opaque water that covers former valleys and farms (hello TVA) with the occasional tree, log, or car tire floating along the surface. Lake Michigan is not like a lake at all. It is very pretty.