Reminder: Most People Are Good (Save Watkins the Dog)

Most people are good.

I was reminded of this by my friend Lisa. I met Lisa when we were tweens, I think. She came on the family beach trip (the one most of us fondly remember as “the beach trip from hell”) with my cousin and she has been around the family ever since. I believe she has even made a couple of trips to family events in Grundy, Virginia. Now she lives in Boston, far from Grundy.

Several weeks ago I got a Facebook message from her asking about a horrifying report that was on local news in Grundy and was spreading around the Internet about a dog that had been abused. I told Lisa that people I knew back home seemed to be on the case. I responded like most people, probably, I thought it was sad but moved on quickly. Not Lisa. She was clearly moved by this dog’s plight. So, she did something about it, from Boston.

Eighteen days ago she started a GoFundMe page for this dog, his name is Watkins, within 2-3 days she raised $10,000 for him. The total today is at $26,862.

Lisa is busy. She has a job, family, friends, and a life (in a super cool city). But she stopped what she was doing and made time to help this critically ill dog. This dog that can’t do a thing for her. A dog she has never seen in person.

What a lovely example of passionate service.

Thank you, Lisa for being a fabulous example of love and kindness and to the kind volunteers and veterinarians who are caring for this dog.

If you are an animal lover I encourage you to check out the GoFundMe site or the Buchanan County Humane Society Facebook page to learn more about Watkins.


8 thoughts on “Reminder: Most People Are Good (Save Watkins the Dog)

      • oh, my goodness, Sharon G Bowlin !! I had forgotten about reading that Lisa was your daughter!

        What a small world!! I am in tears reading this! I have been on the Watkins page from day 1, and had read about Lisa’s starting the gofundme for Watkins … I was so thrilled at the time that she had done so. I know you “raised her right” and I want to commend you on that, as it is “no small feat” these days!

        What a thoughtful person she is, and what a beautiful tribute to her! She had to have learned it from you. I love it when the world comes together in love instead of hate, and Lisa had a huge hand in making it more manageable and easier for all to help in this crisis situation! Please tell her thank you from , I’m sure, ALL of us Watkins followers and lovers!

        Love and blessings to you both, and ALWAYS to Watkins and Stephanie and everyone involved in Watkins care,
        Wendy Bare

  1. I don’t how I missed this earlier and regret that I did….but I just read it and am still in awe of what Lisa has done for Watkins and for me. When I was being bombarded, Lisa stepped in and was my co-pilot. She answered questions, gave directions, and most of all; she created the fundraising site that made Watkins’ care possible. Watkins would never have survived if Lisa had not taken on the huge task of helping fund his medical needs. While she and I may never meet personally…I feel a sister-hood and bond with her because of Watkins. Words could never express my deepest gratitude and admiration for her being Watkins’ advocate from afar. Thank you Lisa

  2. Stephanie, Lisa, and all the names I do not know make a fierce team for Watkins. This project has been a miracle from the beginning, and I can’t wait to see Watkins restored to full health.

  3. Lisa earned her wings that day! 👼 I am like Lisa, when I see a problem I step up. When it is abused animals I jump in!!!
    Thank you Lisa!! That means the world to Watkins!!

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