Indianapolis Motor Speedway

I enjoy a racetrack.

A Panoramic from Victory Lane

I went to my very first car race when I was 13 in Bristol Tennessee, at the time it was the Bristol International Raceway. Now it is known as the Bristol Motor Speedway, or the “world’s fastest half mile,” or “racin’ the way it oughta be.” We sat on the back straight-away on the concrete stands. For those of you who aren’t familiar, if you are in the concrete stands you are very close to the track. Like feel the wind off the car and smell the rubber close. At the end of the race I was sunburned on half my face, I smelled of exhaust, and my hair, ears and nostrils were peppered with shards of rubber from the tires.

I loved it.

My Daddy and I attended many races after that one at other tracks and back at Bristol. We have watched from the cheap seats and the luxury skyboxes. I once sat through a two-hour rain delay huddled under a poncho that was split into with my Sister. I have met Richard Petty, Adam Petty, Kyle Petty, and Dale Earnhardt. I’ve also watched the F1 cars run at the Grand Prix from a balcony of Hotel de Paris (located in the casino turn) in Monte Carlo. Later that night I danced about 5 feet from Lewis Hamilton. In all these instances I had great fun and always met kind, fun, and/or interesting people. Race fans are, for the most part, nice people, or at least entertaining.

So, when I had to go to Indianapolis recently for work I checked out what was going on at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. You know, the home of the “greatest spectacle in racing.” How could I not – people have been racing there since 1909. More than a century. It was just my luck that on the day I showed up they were conducting Grounds Tours, which are only available on special dates throughout the year. The tour offers access to the museum and access to the grounds, including walking on the track at the start/finish and touring victory lane, the infield, the press area, the scoring and security suite, and the track’s owners’ suite at the top of the pagoda. I signed up.

The Museum Entrance

We hopped on a bus and did the tour with help from a young and excited tour guide. Like any group of race fans my touring partners were nice and friendly. There was a group of bus mechanics from Washington state, a guy in town on business who had been to races at Bristol, and some retirees enjoying an afternoon out. It was a fun time.

My highlight reel for the tour includes . . .

The Richard Petty car – the car on display in the museum was the actual car that he ran at Bristol during his retirement year (the Fan Appreciation Tour). I was in attendance at that race. Very cool.

Richard Petty's Car From Bristol

IMS is family owned and the current chair of the board and leader of the organization is a woman, Mari Hulman-George. and her three daughters are also heavily involved. I love it.

IMS Chairwoman

I did not kiss the bricks or drink any milk, but being on the track and having my picture taken at the brickyard start/finish line was very cool.


It was a great time and I would recommend at tour of IMS to anyone who is interested in racing, sports history, or just a cool way to spend an hour or so.


3 thoughts on “Indianapolis Motor Speedway

  1. You need to see the Indy 500. There is nothing like it in the world. Specially the start with 33 cars flying by hitting 230 or more down the mail straight. It is something to see.

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