An Epic Night with Mr. Dylan

I was super excited when I bought my tickets to last week’s Bob Dylan show in FW. However, I was hesitant to expect too much. For years now, I have heard that Dylan shows were hit or miss – hit meaning great and miss meaning unintelligible “singing” and lyric memory loss.

The FW show at Parkview Field was definitely a hit. My favorites were Make You Feel My Love (I haven’t smiled that big in a long time – it was glee inducing), Highway 61, Like a Rolling Stone, and Tangled Up in Blue. He also offered up All Along the Watchtower, Blowin’ in the Wind, Rollin’ and Tumblin’ (last encore tune, which I missed) and The Levee’s Gonna Break, among others.

Mr. Dylan performed his classics beautifully. He performed the tunes as though he was reading poetry (my Sister’s astute observation) rather than singing the songs as they were produced on albums. He sounded great and the band was solid. It was a once in a lifetime show. Although, I am a little biased because I will now forever have the memory of dancing to Like a Rolling Stone with my Mommy 25 feet from the stage.

It does not get much better. It was epic indeed.

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