Home Ownership Lesson #1

A house requires tools.

I bought the house on Monday. By Friday I had spent more than half of my down payment even though there were no major or minor defects and nothing was broken. These expenditures were just to prepare for The Queen and I to move in. We may be a little high maintenance (mostly her). So I will be posting a series on all the things I am learning (the lessons are coming daily at this point) about owning a home.

I was so excited to go to Lowe’s and buy my new door hardware. I bought some good-looking round knobs for the front door. I dislike those long straight handles – too much to go wrong, jiggle, or break.

I got into the car with my purchase and was on the verge of reporting my first home purchase to my Daddy when I realized that . . . I have no tools. That is right, my toolbox included one hammer, one tape measure, and one vice grip. I live in an apartment – I have people for that stuff.

So, next stop, Sears. Ruby Falls, an experienced handy-lady at home, advised me on a solid list of tools I should have and I trucked myself to Sears. Screw drivers, pliers, wrenches, nails, and a box cutter now join my hammer, tape measure, and vise grip. I’m set. For now. Except, I soon learned that you can’t buy just ANY old door knobs. You must buy the “high-end” knobs. I bought off-brand door knobs. According to the Father of Six, this is bad. Generic doorknobs break. So, I went right back to Lowe’s and exchanged (did you know that Lowe’s will take things back without a receipt – I was amazed) my generic knobs for a Schlage knob and deadbolt. I am told that you get what you pay for . . . I hope that is true.

Four-way screwdriver in hand, I attacked the front door and successfully installed new door hardware. Just like a real big-girl homeowner. Tools and all.


One thought on “Home Ownership Lesson #1

  1. Well done! I recommend you join the Craftsman Club at Sears. You get special offers, and I’m not talking from the guy in the plumbing section making stupid comments about pipe dope.

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