Fiber Art

Festival season as begun. Salomon Farm’s Fiber Art Festival kicked off my festival season.

I was convinced that I would see some beautiful, intricately designed, and original quilts at the fiber arts festival. I love handmade quilts. I have received several as gifts over the years and I treasure them – true art made by the hands of sweet ladies.

This is a quilt given to me as a graduation gift by my cousin Jim’s mother in law. It is my favorite, I keep in my guest bedroom so my guests can enjoy it. It is warm and pretty.

This quilt was made by my childhood pastor’s wife, Sister Della. I have had it since I was a kid and it lives on my sofa today – it is great for naps.

I remember being a little girl and our family’s seamstress, Mrs. Stacy, was a quilter. Mommy and I would go to see Mrs. Stacy at her home to drop off a pattern or something to be worked on regularly. Occasionally we would find the living room of Mrs. Stacy’s single-wide trailer filled with ladies and fabric. A quilting form was suspended from the ceiling and encircled by six or eight white-haired ladies with tall hair and long dresses chatting as they worked away on a new quilt. This memory made me even more excited about the fiber art festival.

Turns out, there are no quilts or quilting at the Salomon Farm Fiber Arts Festival. What do I know? Not a lot about fiber art, apparently.

I did find spinning wheels, yarn, silk worms, alpacas, sheep, and dulcimers. Not a bad replacements for quilts. Here are some snaps of Saturday’s festival. Enjoy!



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