Five Girls, an Aging Rock Star, and One Minivan

What do you get when you mix five thirty- and forty-something ladies; an aging, past-his-prime-rock star; and a minivan? I am not sure either, but it was loud and fun.

I was scheduled to fly to Tennessee to reunite with the Cosmic Sisters, but, much to my dismay, being a grown-up and conflicting schedules got in the way. What could possibly come close to the glory and fabulousness that is the Cosmic Sisters? Well, an aging, past-his-prime-rock star, of course. In the best of all worlds I would have chosen Mick Jagger, Nick Lowe, or Bruce Springsteen, but Huey Lewis and The News would have to do.

In my day job I teach at a college. I use pop culture references to break up topics and to pause for breaks. One of my slides has a picture of Huey Lewis & The News because one of their songs relates to the topic in my class. A year and a half ago I used this slide and 3/4 of the class did not know the band or the song. Gasp! It still shocks me that humans were born after 1980. I just assume everyone is my age. That made me feel old.

Friday night found five ladies in the midst of an ’80s legend Huey Lewis and The News at FW’s Foellinger Theatre. The weather was outstanding – perfect for an outdoor event. Huey is looking mighty good for 62 and he sounds like he is still 25. Interestingly, Huey and his band have been playing exactly as long as I have been alive. Somehow that also makes me feel old. The girls and I happily sang along to The Power of Love, I Want a New Drug, Heart and Soul, and Workin’ for a Livin’. As a bonus he threw in an a capella version of Sixty Minute Man, which drew some classic snark from the ladies in my row. Imagine your worst.

Huey is a musician’s musician. He loves the horns and was careful to step into the darkness of the stage when the lead guitar or the saxophone took their turn soloing. Very respectful. He had two poorly dressed backup dancers, which were a bit gratuitous, but they sounded good. There was no light show, no spectacle, no costume changes, and no props. It was two hours of well-done music and memories. Yes, it is cheesy, but classic. It was fun. Everyone knew the words and sang along. Seriously, everyone, including the lady who had to be in her 60s who ran to the stage and giggled like a school girl when Huey shook her hand.

The power of Huey is a curious thing.


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