Midwestern Spring Snaps

The spring growth in Northeast Indiana has started. Bring out the heavy equipment.

Freshly worked dirt is all over Allen, Whitley, Wabash, and Kosciosko Counties.

New babies join the world.

Dog walks are becoming greener.

The Queen is getting friskier. No squirrels or rabbits are safe. Watch out.

The kids have come out to play. The Queen loves meeting new people (translation: she is an attention hog).

It is a happy time in the Midwest these days. The only thing better will be more green and a nice warm breeze.



Slater’s of Sidney

Slater’s Fruit House is a pleasant little surprise on South Main Street (Route 13) in Sidney, Indiana.  Sidney is a small burg between North Manchester and Pierceton.

You can get groceries, including fresh produce, and plants for your summer crops at Slater’s. Today Slater’s had a large selection of freshly picked morels (those are dry-land fish where I come from). I picked up a dozen eggs, local asparagus, an onion, a head of garlic, and a double decker oatmeal pie (I was thrilled to find it was super-fresh) for less than $5.50. The folks were super kind – the nice lady at the register gave me some advice on cooking morels. Next time I might be brave enough to buy some.

Slater’s reminds me of a couple of local country stores back home. Good stuff, kind people, and off the beaten path. It is worth a visit.