Wabash, Far Away

Wabash, Indiana was the first electrically lighted city in the world. There is an unusual fun fact to know and tell. It is also the county seat of Wabash County, Indiana, and, coincidentally, the Wabash River runs right through Wabash. Shocking, I know. Wabash is about an hour from FW and is, surprisingly, worth the drive.

Wabash has entertainment (music, museum, and theater), food (see below), and great architecture shown in the courthouse, downtown churches, and its downtown theater.

Wabash is also the home of the Charley Creek Inn and the restaurant Twenty.

Twenty is located in the lobby of the Inn. I had the occasion to dine at Twenty with eight colleagues (an awesome group of interesting and fun professionals). There were steaks, lamb, and even a vegetarian dish around the table and dessert was great! It is charming, the food is tasty, and the 1920’s era theme is fun. It is a great spot for a family dinner, birthday party, or a night out. It is also just down the way from The Honeywell Center, so, you can grab a nice dinner before a show.

Wabash is a quaint little spot worth seeing. Pretty.

Take a peek at a few scenes from scenic Wabash while listening to the Indiana state song, On the Banks of the Wabash, Far Away. Enjoy.


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