The City

My favorite thing about visiting big cities is to walk around early in the morning (before rush hour starts) before the city wakes up. I have had the pleasure of doing this in cities all around the world, from Seattle to Hong Kong. Big cities have personalities, as though they are alive. Everything and everyone is so close together and there are so many people, the city seems to have an energy all its own. In sprawling small/mid-sized towns this energy seems to get lost in strip malls and four-lane highways.

In my opinion, the best city for a morning walk in New York (“The City”).

I love The City despite the fact that I am a confirmed small/mid-sized town kind of girl.

Morning in The City is quiet (by city standards). The only noise is light traffic – taxis headed to the airport for early departures, restaurant and business deliveries being made before the day starts, runners passing by, and the hum of the subway as it rumbles underground. The City’s morning smell is a surprisingly pleasant blend of industrial and gross meets breakfast and the Halal trucks preparing for the lunch crowd. There is nothing like the smell of meat cooking early in the morning. Sometimes you can see the sky, a quiet blue that looks like it is being pierced by the towering buildings, and other times the fog and/or clouds appear like a fluffy blanket resting atop the skyline. It can be lonely and cold or warm and limitless.

The other wonderful thing about a morning walk in the city is that it is as though I have the city all to myself, to photograph, to admire, to wince at, and to discover. I know, the discover part sounds cheesy, but in The City there is always a new restaurant, coffee shop, store, or shop that you have never seen before. So, my need for new and interesting food experiences is more than accommodated in The City.

Recently, I went to The City to see my dear friend JF. She and her hubby, known here as The Big Deal, are in a family way. So, I had to go celebrate, which translates to shopping and eating big dinners! It is our way.

JF has an amazing apartment in one of my favorite neighborhoods. I am partial to Soho and the West Village. I was able to take a couple of long early morning walks, with a warm drink and my camera. It was lovely. It makes me look forward to my next visit and makes me appreciate the laid back living that I love in my small/mid-sized town.

Here are some snaps from my adventure in The City. It is not FW, but it is pretty.












5 thoughts on “The City

  1. Beautiful. Thought I was the only one who did this. My favorite early run/walk/explore city is Las Vegas though Charleston, SC is up there. Love the thoughts in this post.

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