A Garden Grows in FW

Not everyone can grow things.  It seems the only thing that I can grow are peppers.  Currently, I have more jalapenos and habaneros than I can shake a stick at, as they say.  I am not sure how many that is but it is more than I can use.  My Mommy and Daddy can both grow things.  Mommy grows vegetables and flowers and Daddy germinates and grows trees and plants them up and down the holler.  He once transplanted a pine tree from Florida to the holler.  It has survived although we refer to it as the “ugly tree”.  It is 15 feet tall with a total of four branches.  It is not pretty, but it lives.

Because of my Mommy’s skill at growing plants and things it was appropriate to take she and The Princess (my oldest niece) to the FW Foellinger Freimann Botanical Conservatory.  They grow things there and grow them well.

It was Labor Day weekend and we squeezed the Conservatory in between big dinners, shopping, and church (Mommy needed to inspect and approve) and I am glad that we did.  The Conservatory is a surprising oasis in the midst of downtown FW.  In fact when you are inside or walking through the outdoor gardens it is hard to tell that you are in the middle of downtown.

The current exhibit features plants inspired by the Summer of Love.  The exhibit is complete with a love bus and a peace sign.  This is very Mommy-appropriate as she reminds us from time to time that she was in the wrong place during the summer of love.  A few years ago the family took a summer trip to California – San Francisco, Yosemite, and Los Angeles.  While in SF Mommy, Sister, and I made our pilgrimage to the Haight, the host of the summer of love.  Oh, the fun Mommy would have had if she had been there.  You do recall that she had us listening to Led Zeppelin, The Who, and The Mamas and The Papas when we were barely walking.  In fact, at four Sister was quoting lines from Nazareth tunes.  Not good.  Anyway, the Summer of Love was a good exhibit and right up Mommy’s alley.  Peace.

There is also the tropical garden area, my favorite, which features waterfalls and big-leafed plants.  It is very pretty and fun.  I recommend it.  During the summer the Conservatory hosts concerts as well as artists on site.  Also, you can easily walk from any cool downtown restaurant to the conservatory.  So get some grub and go smell the flowers.


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