Pretty, for sure.

 I am no golfer, but today I could not resist – the weather was begging for it.  The temperature was warm but not oppressive.  The humidity has disappeared, at least for now.  And for a day it feels like you would imagine a Midwestern summer day should feel – warm but not painful, a sky filled with cartoonishly fluffy clouds, and a light breeze.  Perfect.  So, I dragged my clubs out of my little garage to a lovely course in Allen County, Indiana and hit the range.  I don’t have the attention span to play a round alone, but I really enjoy the quiet of the range and the lack of pressure.  I also hear that it is a good place to meet nice young men, but I digress.

If you are in Northeast Indiana and are in search of a golf course, do not fear.  FW is rich in three things – churches, restaurants, and golf courses.  You shall have your pick.

The photo above was my view for an hour or so this afternoon.  It is pretty.  For sure.


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