Pure Michigan?

Yes, I have ventured north into Michigan.  It was a successful adventure to be documented in a later post.  What welcomed me to this lovely state? A gigantic sign (actually two) reading “Pure Michigan”.  Really?  What does this mean? What is the alternative?  Is there an option to enter tainted Michigan?  I know it is not nice to mock but I really do not understand state mottos and slogans.  These sayings are rarely clever or even accurate.  In this case this sign tells me nothing about Michigan.  It also does not prompt me to want to whip out my smartphone and start googling “Pure Michigan”.

This communication gap is sad because based on what I have read (Ann Arbor, Traverse City, the UP, New Buffalo) and experienced so far (super cute Marshall, Michigan) there are cool things to do and nice people on this peninsula.  In fact, I spent the day recently with a family from Michigan and they are awesome folks – kind folks who are into good music, good food, and good fun.  I hope that is what “Pure Michigan” means.  Who knows?  Maybe the slogan should come with a glossary.  The good news is that I am excited and looking forward to checking out Michigan while on my Midwest adventure.  I will do my best to ignore the signs.

To be fair, Virginia’s slogan, “Virginia is for Lovers” is not much better.  Over 400 years of history and that is what the Commonwealth gets? Maybe we should just stick with “Mother of Presidents”.  Frankly, it is worse when you hear the tune accompanying the words Virginia is for lovers in the commercials.  Although, the shirts are cool.

My very favorite and, in my opinion, the most accurate of all the state mottos or slogans is for West Virginia.  Because it is, in fact, “Wild, Wonderful West Virginia”.  Mr. Denver sang a song about it and it is a classic.


2 thoughts on “Pure Michigan?

  1. Just ran across your blog from the Facebook link – enjoyed reading the posts. Makes me want to start one……someday. We made the trip up to Michigan in May. We saw lots of great wildlife, scenery, birds, etc. I’ll try to attach the link to the Pbase site pics below.
    Hope things are going well for you in Indiana. I’m in the Lexington, KY area – nice but there is always that inexplicable urge to migrate back to the mountains.

    • Ed – Thanks so much! I bet you could put together a great blog with all your travel stories and pictures. Things are well. Glad to hear you are doing well also. I also feel the same pull back to the mountains. One day I will return. Home never gets old. SG

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