Sunsets are my favorite.  Nearly everywhere I have traveled I have made sure to get a shot of the sun going down.  The sky does awesome things as it says goodbye to the day.  So in order to stay on topic, you can see the difference between a mountain South sunset and a Northern Indiana sunset right here on this page.  The picture below the title of this blog is a sunset captured by me while on the highway in the Appalachian hills of Kentucky.  The picture in this post was taken in Allen County, Indiana just before a thunderstorm.  They are different.  Both are pretty.

Sunsets in the mountain South are more visually calm than those in the Midwest.  In the mountains you get a burst of light but the sun disappears rather quickly if you are not watching from the mountain top. The mountains are tall.  In the Midwest the sun hangs around, it lingers for a while, so you catch the full spectrum of pinks and yellows as it is swallowed up by the trees in the distance.  I am not sure I can pick which is prettier, but that is not the point, right?  The point is that they are both worth seeing and enjoying.  Over and over and over again.  Heck, it happens everyday.  Why not?

Here is a great song to enjoy while watching the sunset.  Anywhere.  “Live forever, y’all, whether you want to or not.”  Billy Joe Shaver.


2 thoughts on “Sundown

  1. Gosh he’s good. Heard a bunch of his work in cover, much on Oxford American. Read yr post and bought his best of on iTunes. Thank you. Best advice I’ve gotten from a lawyer in ages.

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