Smelling the Roses

“As you walk down the fairway of life you must smell the roses, for you only get to play one round. ” Ben Hogan.

Apparently, one great benefit of miles and miles of flat land is that you can create parks. Everywhere. Fort Wayne, Indiana (“FW”) has parks. Everywhere. Back at home, parks are either located on narrow strips of land by the river or on the tops of mountains where mountain top strip mining has created flat useable land. The benefits of those type of parks is that you either have a nice cool shady place by the river or a beautiful view from the mountain top. But here, there is so much land that you can take an old farmstead and turn it into a working farm for a park or take a swath of land downtown and create a rose garden. Options abound. This is a picture of Lakeside Park in the City of FW. This park has a small lake but it also has a beautiful rose garden. As you can see, this is a popular place for people to get married (thus the 100 white chairs) and to stop and smell the roses. It is pretty and it smells good.

You can check out FW parks at FW Parks seriously come in all shapes and sizes and include over 70 miles of walking trails, golf courses, concerts, farmers markets, and other super fun things. I try to check a new one out every chance I get.

And here is the lake (well, it is more of a pond but they can call it whatever they please).

Let me introduce you to another southern girl who enjoys a pond, a walk, some flowers, and bacon in her life. We shall call her The Queen. Why? Because she does whatever she wants, when she wants and how she wants. Yes, yes, she pacifies me by walking politely on a leash and following a command or two every now and then, but she doesn’t fool me. She is in the driver’s seat. I am just happy that she lets me live with her. She is awesome. And pretty.

FW’s Lakeside Park is right next to a beautiful old FW neighborhood called Forest Park. The street is flanked by attractive stone pillars as seen below. The street is lined with beautiful old homes, some with stones statues guarding the front walk, and a large grassy median dividing the driving lanes. It reminds a southerner a little of Monument Avenue in Richmond, Virginia (without the Civil War statues or Arthur Ashe) or Cherokee Boulevard in Knoxville, Tennessee. Pretty.


3 thoughts on “Smelling the Roses

  1. I love the blog. Thanks for including me… It looks great on my iPad. (I almost put an exclamation point there, but I read your profile, so I avoided it.). As a native Waynedalian Hoosier, I’m looking forward to your observations of our part of the country.

    By the way, last year we did a master plan for the Town of Grabill. I learned a lot about the Amish, and am working with the Amish owner of the Grabill Country shops on his growth plans. They are an incredibly interesting, industrious people.

    Looking forward to more.

      • Wow, lots of folks have found you from Instapundit today, I guess.

        Thank you for posting these pix and appreciative comments about my hometown. I have not lived there for over 30 years but your blog is a window into a pleasant and happy land. BTW, did you know that Fort Wayne was once declared America’s Happiest Town?

        But what do you think so far about your first Three Rivers Festival?

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