God’s First Reprimand

This picture was taken on Till Road in Allen County, Indiana.  For those of you who have never been to the Midwest there are lots of cornfields. And look, this one, while overgrown, is beautiful (and these are weeds).  One thing that compensates for the lack of mountains is the size of the sky.  It is huge. No mountains to determine when the sun comes up (if you are in Harlan then that’d be 10 in the morning) or when it goes down (again, in Harlan that’d be 3 in the day) or limit the clouds you can see.  Oh, and the beautiful cloud formations.  Of course, clouds can look like whatever you want, but to me they look like giant wads of white cotton candy floating in the heavens.  Yum.  God is by far the most creative artist.

Speaking of cornfields, they are one of my favorite things about the Midwest. To me they symbolize a large part of the culture, attitude and way of life here.  It is country, farming country, where people talk plain and they work hard.  They seem to pride themselves on being down to earth, rich with common sense, and largely they lack pretension.  This reminds me of the coalfields where I was raised.  We are proud of who and what we are and are not shy or unkind but open and welcoming.  A place where getting “above your raising” is a sin right up there with the 10 Commandments.  So I have been continually comforted by this lovely similarity to where I come from.  Of course, this type of living – off the land or from under it – certainly comes with its fair share of struggles but it is honest.  And pretty.

Sadly, this year the weather has been so rainy that many farmers did not get their crops in the ground early enough to keep their normal harvest schedule.  So, many will not have crops that are “knee-high in July”.  We keep our fingers crossed and our praying knees limber for them.  Thus the title of today’s post.  Humans started out farmers.  But, Mr. Miller tells the story better than I can . . .